October 28, 2021

Farming is the production of food, crops, livelihoods and raising animals and growing crops. The word agriculture comes from the Latin agri or ager which means hagna and cultura which means to cultivate. The literal translation of the word is tuna hin hagna. In the present case, the term agriculture includes a wide range of work involving the production of food/sugarcane/fiber, as well as the techniques of rearing and "processing" livestock. Agriculture is still the acronym for the study of agricultural practice-known in the formal science of agriculture. Differences in other plants eaten by tawu.

An Sibuyas, Luya, Lasuna

Isn't it difficult for us to consume this food? Kun ini diri man madamu. We will know if the opening or whether there will be a breeder, for these Giza-Giza.

An Gaway, Buteg, Kamuti, Bilanghuy

It is injected with spikes with spikes and other snails, it is not easy to inject very little, it can be consumed only slowly without too much consumption.


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