October 28, 2021

Anthropology (from the Greek word άνθρωπος, "man" or "persona") is the study of human beings (see the genus Homo). This field of study is holistic or holistic in two perspectives: it applies to all human beings at all times and to all fields or dimensions of human beings. One primary difference between anthropology and other humanistic disciplines is the enfansis of comparing different cultures. But these differences are controversial and debated, and these anthropological methods are now used to study a society/group. In North America, "anthropology" is divided into four fields or sub-disciplines: physical anthropology or biological anthropology, which deals with primate behavior, human evolution, osteology, forensics and population genetics; cultural anthropology, (called social anthropology in the United Kingdom and now rarely called socio-cultural anthropology). Among the fields studied hit cultural anthropologists are social networks, diffusion, social ethics, interdependent patterns, legislation, politics, ideology, religion, beliefs, patterns of production and consumption, exchange, socialization, gender, and other cultural expressions, with a large emphasis on the importance of fieldwork or participatory observation (i.e. interaction with the social group studied by adjustable hour); linguistic anthropology, which studies the differences between language in time and place, the social uses of language, and the relationship between language and culture; and archeology, which studies the material remains of human societies. Archeology itself is considered a separate (but related) field in other parts of the world, even if it is over the anthropological field of material culture, which deals with objects physically made or used by a current or former group. as a way of studying or understanding its cultural values. In recent times, there are several anthropological programs that divide it into two, one that gives emphasis to the humanities and theory. critically, this one gives emphasis to the natural sciences and empirical observation.

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