October 28, 2021

Industry (from Latin: industrius, "dry, dry, doable") is the part of the economy concerned with the production of goods. It is the aggregation of existing processes and activities as they aim to transform prime materials into elaborate products. There are many different types of industries, depending on the products being made. For example, the food industry is concerned with the manufacture of traditional products such as cheese, sausage, canned food, beverages etc. For this to function, industry needs primary materials and sources of energy to transform these materials. Method: Charcoal 1. Leaving trees of fruiting Trees. 2. Cut off the branches or the tree when it bears fruit. 3. Boil the wood on the top/inside of the puthau/tin container with a lid, no water to put in, put a tear on the lid and keep it underneath. As the bottom of the container fades away there is smoke coming out of the lid, the tears from the lid are dripping away, it is a fading tear. The tears will not go away because the situation is so bad. The pagCopras: 1. Stir in the ripe coconut or coconuts. 2. Pick and peel the coconut or coconuts. 3. Surround the coconut or coconuts in a variety. 4. Let the coconut flesh harden. Make sure that the coconut liquid inside does not dry out as it is made of aciete. 5. Lukara an unud han lubi. This can be made into aciete. Kupras na. An Aciete: (Butter) (Coconut Oil) 1. Grind or chop the kupras. 2. Add a glass of water. 3. Squeeze the finely chopped copra. 4. May it come out liquid. 5. The liquid that comes out has a superficial medium. 6. This ugly thing ansya in guin sasaruk. 7. Paka saruk mo hini malapuyut igbutang ka karaha u any surudlan pan lutu. 8. Boil this thing without adding water to its source. 9. Soak up the source of this material with a corrosive liquid coming out. This ansya na an aciete. 10. Saruka ini likidu ansya na ini an puydi pan pritu hin bisan annu. An Suka (Suka) (Vinegar) 1. Get some coconuts or coconuts. 2. Open the coconut. 3. Stir in the soup. 4. Stir in the coconut soup. 5. Stir in the coconut. 6. Take hin surudlan just cover. 7. Hide and wait until he arrives. 8. It is up to you if you want to be assaulted before you can wait. An Asin (Asin) (Salt) 1. Take some sea water. Choose a white container, open the bottom, go to the sea and empty the container with sea water, control the fire or collision, and place the white container on top of the fire (there are three cliffs for the medium to open the container. ), when the seawater is dragged, let it drain. An mahisasalin amu in it stun Asin.



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