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October 17, 2021

Lupang Hinirang



Friendly people, NASUD NA MAKASI-KASI, Pearl of the Orient PERLAS HAN SINIRANGAN Flame of the heart, LAGABLAB HAN KASING-KASING, In your bosom is life. HA IMU/ATUN DUGHAN NA-AABAT Lupang Hinirang, TONA NA NATAWHAN, Cradle of the brave, PUY-ANAN SAN/HAN MAGKARIT To the conqueror, HA MGA KA-HISTURYA/KABARALYU, In the past. DIRI AKO/KITA MA-U-URHI In the sea and mountains, IN THE OCEAN AND THE COUNTRYSIDE, In the breeze and in your blue sky HA LANUY NGAN HA LANGIT KO/NATUN NGA LUNTIAN The poem has beauty MAY SALTIK AN SIDAY, And song of liberation beloved. THE SONG OF THE SALVATION OF THE LOVED ONE The sparkle of your flag is AN ING-GAT HAN ATUN/IMU BANDIRA ANSIYA IN Success shining, CONTINUED RATING-GAT His star and sun AN ATUN/IMU BITOON NGAN ADLAW It will never get dark. WHETHER SANU DOESN'T DRINK Land of the sun, of glory and passion Life is heaven with you; We are happy, when there is an oppressor ATUN/AMUN KALIPAYAN KUN MAY-KAHARAMPANG To die because of you. AN MAMATAY MAHINUNGUD ShA AKUN/IMU.

Lupang Hinirang



Friendly town, Pearl of the Orient Sovereign Nation, Pearl of the Orient Flame of the heart, In your Chest is Life Radiance of the Heart, Alive and Kicking Inside Me/Us Chosen Land, Cradle of the Valiant Soveriegn Land, Home of the Brave, Courageous and Wise To the Conqueror, 'Thou shalt not oppress In conversation and commerce, I/We will not be forbidden In the Sea and the Mountains, In the Breeze and in Your Blue Sky Our/Your Seas and Ocean, Our/Your Mountain Ranges and Hills, The Rhythm of the Wind and Our/Your Sky Blue heaven There is Beauty in the Poem, The Song of Liberation Beloved The charisma of Our/Your Poetry, and songs of beloved Freedom The Sparkle of Your Flag The unity of the Nation under one Flag/Banner Success shining Will forever be integrated His Star and Sun will never be Dark Our/Your Stars and the Solar flare forever will glow and will not darken We are happy when there is an oppressor It is our/your happiness If we/us have a trader To die because of you. To die only for You/Me. By BLATZ exoduce


If I lose, I will not regret, Because I have been imprisoned, I have been imprisoned for what I have bought, I will be left alone, for the hand of the wicked shall perish, I have seen, I have seen the peace, the serenity For this greatest dangaw is about to take my education, So much that I have trampled, parenting, that distance. By LA FAMILIA An Pagbutung shan tinatamakan. Take my life, my joy, my comfort, Look at my eyes, rainbow that knows, Itun akun mata yaun muta kulur danay abu pastilan ayaw pag-itum, At the end of Luzuriagga I will stop and so will I teach. You look for your light sha day that gives sha your dagaw, Pray as it is time for us to mourn, to rejoice, to mourn, to weep, Because when you get hit, I'm you, that's late, moving, Take care of your society, because sha bungtu Borongan will blame you and you will be the one for months.


Even big, even small Even weak, even strong Even hungry, even full Even naked, even stubborn Even alert, even alert Man, man is the same

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