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The Visayas (or Visayas; in the orthography of the Sanghiran san Binisaya: Visayas or Visayas; Spanish: Visayas; English: Visayas) is the name of the regions located in the central part of the Philippines. This region is called the Visayas or the Visayans because of the cultures and origins of the people here, called the Visayans. The English word Visayas means only the regions and islands of the Visayas while the word Visayas in Binisaya, still means the people and culture of the Visayans. The natives born in the Visayas are called the Binisayas. The largest islands or islands in the Visayas are: Bohol Leyte Negros steady Samar Sugbo

Political Regions

There are three regions to be listed in the Visayas. These are the provinces or provinces that make up these regions in the Visayas.

Western Visayas (Region VI)

Aklan Antique Negros Occidental Guimaras Iloilo Negros Occidental Palawan

Butnga ng Kabisayan (Region VII)

Bohol Negros Oriental Siquijor Sugbo

Western Visayas (Region VIII)

Biliran Eastern Samar Leyte Northern Samar Samar Southern Leyte

Visayan Provinces and Regions Outside the Visayas

Provinces of Luzon that have been born

These provinces are part of Luzon politically but their cultures and origins are Visayan. Romblon MasbateIn addition, the natives of Sorsogon are said to be Binisaya natives. But there are linguists who treat the native Sorsoganon Bisakol (a mixture of Binisaya and Bikol).

Provinces in Mindanao that Binisaya are born

Mga Binisaya

Many are born Binisaya. There are Binisayas who live in the Visayas and there are Binisayas who are natives born outside the Visayas. This is not a complete list yet

Mga Binisaya ha Kabisay-an

Akeanon (Aklanon) Caluyanon Cuyonon Malaynon Hiligaynon Antique Onhan Poroanon Sinugboanon (Cebuano) Winaray

Mga Binisaya sa gawas sa Kabisay-an

These languages ​​are native to outside the Visayas but are still native to the Binisayas. But Butuanon Masbatenyo Ratagnon Romblomanon Surigaonon Tausug †† The native Tausug is classified as Binisaya native but the Tausugs are not called hit their own Visayans.

History of Effectiveness

Economy of the Philippines

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Economy of the Philippines