October 28, 2021

A comic or comics (from English: comics) is a form of visual art of images that are often combined with text, in the form of speech balloons or image captions. Initially it was used to illustrate caricatures and entertainment through obscure and unimportant stories, but now it has become a literary medium with many subgenres.


There are two people to drink, Lindy and Nalding, They are eating a banana tree Lindy told Nalding, Nalding because I also have this Banana and Tona I have the fruits and roots of the Banana your body, Nalding because diri nasabut kumarawat la. When Patu (Duck), the god of bananas, arrives at Nalding's house, Nalding opens the body of Banana. subra ka damu hitun. From then on, bananas grew because of Nalding.


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