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October 28, 2021

Samar is the name of an island or island in the Western Visayas. It is also renamed a province named after the first Western Samar (English for hiton: Kalondan Samar or Western Samar). This article is about the island of Samar.

Geography of the Island

Samar is the oldest island in the Philippines. It is also the third largest island in the Philippines. The island is separated from the island of Leyte by the Strait of San Juanico (or San Juanico Strait), which is at its closest crossroads, only about two kilometers wide. Samar is connected to Leyte by the San Juanico Bridge. Samar is located south or southeast of the Bicol Peninsula in Luzon (the largest island in the Philippines). The San Bernardino Strait separates Samar from Luzon. To the south of the island of Samar is the Kalawdan or Gulf of Leyte. The waters of the Gulf of Leyte continue into the Philippine Sea, which is located east of Samar and part of the Pacific Ocean.


Antonio Pigafetta, a member of Fernando de Magallanes' expedition, listed the name of the place as "Zamal". According to some historians, this is a writing by Pigafetta of the name "Samar". The theory as to why the island was named “Samar” is doubtful. According to the original theory, the Spaniards told a native what the name of the place was. The accused, who did not know how to speak Spanish, thought that he had been asked how he was and that he had been "wounded" because he had just been injured by the arrival of the Spaniards. The Spaniards thought that the name of the place was “Samad” and in their mistaken safety it became “Samar”. According to the second theory, the reason why “Samar” is so named is because of the many floors that line the entire island as if they were “wounds”.

Provinces of Samar

There are three (3) provinces on the island of Samar. Samar (formerly, Western Samar or Kalondan Samar, Capital: Catbalogan) Eastern Samar (Eastern Samar, Capital: Borongan) Northern Samar (Northern Samar, Capital: Catarman)

Mga Yinaknan ha Samar

Binisaya Winaray is a native of the entire province and the entire island of Samar (also called Binisaya Sinamar-Leytenhon or Lineyte-Samarnon). But they are native to Cebuano or Cebuano hills, and most of these are island-hills. The island of Capul, which is part of Northern Samar, has its own native name Inabaknon but they also know how to speak Waray, which is the native language of the entire Island of Samar.

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