Sinirangan Bisayas


October 28, 2021

The Western Visayas (still called the Western Visayas) or also called Region 8 comprises the large islands of Leyte and Samar along with Biliran and several other small islands. It is also one of the two regions of the Philippines that do not have a tuna region, similar to the MIMAROPA Region. Region VIII has six (6) provinces, namely Biliran, Eastern Samar, Leyte, Northern Samar, Western Samar, and Southern Leyte and seven (7) cities are the cities of Ormoc, Baybay, Maasin. , Calbayog, Catbalogan, Borongan and Tacloban City which is the central city of the Region. The region has a population of 3,912,936 according to the 2010 census. Three are natives born in the Western Visayas. These are Winaray, Sinugboanon, and Inabaknon.


The San Bernardino Strait separates Eastern Visayas from one of Luzon and the Surigao Strait to the northern part of Mindanao. The rest of the Visayas islands are separated by the Camotes Sea, the eastern part of the region is directly in front of the Pacific Ocean. It covers 2,156,285 hectares and is 7.2% of the country’s total land area.


There are two types of climate that pass through this region based on the Corona system certification:. Second class (Type II) and Fourth class (Type IV). Type II is the season with the most rainy days and months of the year with the region's highest rainfall, from November to January. Samar and Leyte have similar climates. From February to May, there will be more and less rain throughout the year, there will be only a handful of dry weather. The western part of Leyte and the stretch from Motiong Samar to San Isidro in the North of Samar have a fourth type of climate.


The Western Visayas is a region of agriculture. The main products are rice, hemp, corn, copra, sugar or sugar and bananas. 52% of the total tuna is classified as degradable. It is also a region with fish exports. The region still has mineral deposits such as chromite, uranium, gold (gold), silver, manganese, magnesium, bronze, nickel, coal, limestone, pyrite and rod and ore that can be mined. It provides a lot of energy from geothermal and water sources that are needed by small and large industries.

Culture and Art

Languages ​​ Winaray Binisaya is the official language of the island of Samar Leyte. The Abaknon language is spoken by the people of Capul in Northern Samar, so it is unique in the entire region. Cebuano Binisaya is used in large parts of Leyte from the West, center and the southern part of Leyte.


Many types of dance can be found in this Region. From Kuratsa (Curacha), the panguyab dance, Amenudo, Cha-cha, and the Tinikling national dance of the Philippines have re-emerged in this region.


The Waray-waray are still music lovers who often sing their songs through stories, a hit with "Dandansoy" and "Iroy nga Tuna" a song of sophistication.

Political Sharing

Cities Included

Calbayog City, Samar Catbalogan City, Samar Borongan City, Samar Maasin City, Southern Leyte Ormoc City, Leyte Tacloban City, Leyte Baybay City, Leyte


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