Natural sciences


October 28, 2021

There is information in this article in the English version that should be translated into English science, the word natural science means the rational way of studying the universe, which is understood to follow the rules or laws of natural origin. . The word natural science is still used to distinguish those fields that use the scientific method of studying the environment from the social sciences, which use the scientific method of studying the behavior of people and society, and from formal sciences, such as mathematics and logic using a different methodology.

World Cycle

The cycle begins with the breath or excreted by humans and animals, it is CO2 or Ca2Orbon Dioxide (a Carbon of two Oxygen, it is absorbed by the leaves of trees and the plant is absorbed by the plant or the tree. oxygen in the water (Hydrogen Dioxide H02 Mineral Water) is what they breathe back into the four oxygen or quadroxide, and then they dissolve it in the sun's rays into an oxygen or oxygen for the person to breathe. CO or Carbon Monoxide (Carbon is Oxygen) is extracted from plants, cars, marine plants and is absorbed by the leaves of plants and trees and is absorbed into the oxygen of the water. the leaves to ayri and guin scatter to an oxygen of the moon. Hydrogen in water and carbon dioxide are formed inside the plant and are full of Hydrocarbons and Hydrogen Carbon, which is released from the leaf stomata. Through Osmosahi these Hydrocarbons it separates Carbon reaches the center of the earth or "core" to form a new rock Hydrogen returns to the Sun, the other CH if not separated it becomes crude. under the rocks. Some Hydrogen is converted to Dihydrogen Oxide to become H2O (Two Hydrogen and One Oxygen) uranium water or "distilled water".

The Time

In countries such as the Philippines in balance, Osmosahi has a strong osmosahi and a weak osmosahi (mahagkut).

Weather Disorders

Just as this storm is the unbalanced Osmosahi of the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean to the Osmosahi of the Pacific Ocean, there is a change in the wind, (Storm)



Count every twenty-nine in the second month of the year; human count

An Tinikangan han Kalayu

There's a meteor, it's a traumatic event coming into the world, it's going to be in leafy places, because it's too hot and the leaves are burning hot, here there's an animal in the woods, because it's delicious. as soon as they were burned they knew that their nostrils were already sore, they had no other place to go under but the mouth, they ate it and were relieved, because the burning was still far away from them. through the branches that are covered with large sweet and leafy ugga to continue his journey or fire.

Your magnetism

How does the magnet work?

Made of magnets

The four (4) Oxygen (O) atoms are attached to three (3) Ferrumu (Fe) atoms, by removing the protons from the Oxygen atom. Molded Fe3O4 (Magnet) Since 4 Oxygen has 8 protons, thirty-two (32) total protons are removed since Proton is a buyer of Oxygen, it is in iron with a weak proton unity. 1. Ferrumu is a proton from the hirani puthau, counting without a point to turn a proton 0.000000001 proton. In this process, the heat is attached to the magnet. 2. The proton passes through the ferrumu into Oxygen. H

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