October 28, 2021

Mulay or uyag (English: Game (noun)/Play (noun) (Pambansa: Laro) (in some Winaray dialects: uyas) is a structured or semi-structured work, which is agsob can be found in any place for entertainment and occasionally re-used as a way to learn how many classes are to be taken at a time. Shake is a way of releasing pain in the body and still sees the art of the shakers or those who suffer from it. pama-agi. The elements of mulay are intentions, follow -ups, and challenge and interactivity. These shakes have mental or physical stimulation, and are both physical and mental. Many shakes help to develop skills, serve as a means of exercise, or play a role in education, simulation and psychology. from 1. Ten Balls is a billiard ball. (10-Ball Billiards) 1.A Ig set an ball pa tatsuluk. Sections 2 and 3, print 1. In the middle of the elongated table center is 1 (yellow). Imahi han pag set. 10ball_SET Archived 2013-11-04 at the Wayback Machine. 1.B I'll take you two.1.C Get 1 bottle cap or a peso of money.1.D Choose both of us if your boil is weak and the other way around is your boil or if you choose a chicken or Jose Rizal o Bangko Sentral.1.D1 Select if Bad Shot or Good Shot, Jose Rizal O Bangko Sentral is weak.1.D2 Select if Spot u Tutuk, Jose Rizal or Bangko Sentral is weak or weak1.E Drop the lid . To bend or weaken.1.F The winner will be the one to win.1.G If you throw/throw a ball. Puydi ka humabul, imuhon ang nasulud. (pakadtu 1.H ngan 1.I) 1.G1 Kun pagsargu mu gumawas ha lamesa an madir/patu, itsa takup kun Bad u Good, Kun Good imu tira, itsa kun tutuk u spot, kun bad iya na tira itsa liwat kun tutuk u spot. the ball adds to its number.1.H If it is stretched/blanket throw away the lid. If Good Shot is here you can weave. If Bad Shot you can weave. Imu na tira.1.I Igpa-itsa kun tutuk u spot an imu maging tira.1.I1 Kun maka syut ka imu la guihapon tira kun diri ka maka syut iya na tira.1.J Kun imu tira nga diri ka naayun tumira , puydi mu ig-bad shot an una tira.1.K Igpa-itsa an takup. Para kumulub u humuyang.1.L Kun Good Shot wara ka mahihimu matira ka gud. If Bad Shot remove the stick (Madir) 1.M Igpa-throw the lid if the mouth u spot.1.N The mouth so that you can catch the next ball (if nasyut the 2 the title 3) to the right of the pocket/tear. If you spot in the upper half of the table, the seat will be in the lower half of the center of the table. Itsa takup kun Bad u Good, kun Good imu la gihap tira. Kapti an madir. Itsa takup kun tutuk u spot.1.P Kun pagtira mu sumulud nga duha an madir ngan an guin titirahan. Itsa takun kun Good u Bad, kun Bad iya na tira, Itsa liwat takup kun tutuk u spot. The seat is at least halfway up the center table. If you have a good shot, throw the lid on the tip of the spot. Cover if you own the inner ibba (tsamba) ball. It is no longer on the table of the deep ibba ball. Dugang na ihap.1.R Kun pagtira mu gumawas sa lamesa an madir, itsa takup kun bad u good an imu tira, kun good itsa takup liwat kun tutuk u spot an imu tira. If he has a bad turn, throw the lid on his mouth and spot his turn. the ball counts more

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