Wikipedia: How to republish or edit a page


October 28, 2021

This page is still being translated. If you can help translate it, don't hesitate.WikiWiki is Wikipedia, which means that anyone can reproduce any unprotected article and then post those changes to a hit page or page. Editing or redoing a Wiki page is easy. Just click the "edit" tab at the top (or this link to the right or bottom) hit Wiki page. You will be taken to a page with a text box in which you can rewrite that page. If you just want to experiment or test, just do it in the Sandbox; diri dinhe. Feel free to write a brief edit summary below the hit edit box. You can use a shorthand to describe your hits, such as hits in the hit pattern, and when you're done, click or click on the preview to see what your hits will look like. You can also see what changes you have made compared to the previous version by clicking "Show changes". If you like what we see, click "Save" to save your copies immediately. Don't "sign" edits you make to regular articles (because the software keeps track of who is publishing). You can also click on the 'Discussion' tab to see the included talk page, which contains comments about hit pages from other Wikipedia users. Click the "+" tab to add a new feature, or edit the page in the same way as editing an article page. If you are browsing hit talkpages, just sign your posts, (see Wikipedia: Sign your posts) on the talk pages.

Tips for Editing Wikipedia Articles

It is important to use an unbiased view, as Wikipedia is not the place to dismiss any views. Cite or list your sources so that others can see and promote your work. Most Wikipedia articles now lack references, and this increases the size of the Wikipedia hit-which is not the source. Please help by researching online and published resources to find references to the article you are working on, and cite them in Asian form, and consider an in-text citation for yourself. things to measure this debate. There is no understanding at this time as to what is the best way to do this, but it will be more comforting than nothing at all. You can use an in-text citation in academic form for example (Example, 2004 pp. 22-23) or as a superscript of a footnote that you will include at the end of an article. While your page is displayed, use What links here to keep articles that are already linked or linked, and make sure that they all match the content you provide. Use the Search button to search Wikipedia for your topic title (and possible variants), search for articles that comment on them, and create links from them as appropriate.

"Minor" Edits

See also Wikipedia: Minor edit When editing a page, the logged-in user may assign a mark to the edit, "minor". These minor edits mean changing the correct spelling, formatting and minor text editing. It is possible to hide this minor edit when it appears on Wikipedia: Recent Changes. It is not customary to indicate a major minor edit, especially if there is a pre-written text. If there is an intentionally indicated minor edit, it should be edited, major chang @ e.

Wiki Markup

Wiki markup is a syntax system that you can use to reproduce Wikipedia p

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