Three-click principle


October 23, 2021

The three-click principle is an informal web design principle. Its content is that users of the website should be able to find any piece of information on the website with a maximum of three mouse clicks. Because if the user clicks three times and can't find the information they want, they will feel disappointed and leave. Web designers generally consider it useful, although there is very little evidence to prove it is right. But critics believe that "number of clicks" is not as important as other factors, such as "click correct rate." Jeffrey Zeldman wrote in "Bring Your Talents to the Internet" (2001), "The basis of the three-click principle is the way people use the Internet", and "this principle can Help you build a simple, intuitive and logical website".


The three-click principle has been tested for practicality, and the results show that the number of clicks does not affect user satisfaction. In e-commerce sites, this principle may have drawbacks. If you follow this rule, you must put the products into a large category, and users will not be able to browse easily.


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