Personal website


October 23, 2021

Personal website refers to a personal or group, studio (generally no more than 3 people) based on their own hobbies or value orientation, in order to show themselves, communicate with others, for non-profit purposes, established on the Internet for other people to browse Website. When the WWW first became popular, the layout and design ideas of these personal websites were mostly derived from the site owners themselves. Because of this, the design style differences between these small websites are quite obvious. As far as content is concerned, most of the static information provided by personal websites in this period is pure text or pictures, while as far as the nature of the website is concerned, it is based on teaching or specific topics (such as history, classical literature, video games, travel records, etc.) The number of platforms is the majority. However, after years of development, these early personal websites have also been transformed into commercial websites. Until the emergence of technologies such as dynamic web pages, web applications, and databases, the design style differences between these personal websites began to decrease and replaced by another interactive website experience. Because at this stage, many ready-made web application packages have come out one after another, which has increased the convenience of website setup. Many current personal websites still appear in the form of forums or blogs.

Web Application Package

From the early message boards; to the mid- and late-stage portals (Portal, such as PHP-Nuke), forums, blogs, and photo albums; and only recently began to mature content management system (English abbreviation CMS. Mediawiki Can be classified as such), all can be called web application packages.

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