Chinese Wikipedia


October 23, 2021

Chinese Wikipedia is the Chinese version of the online encyclopedia Wikipedia Open Collaboration Project, written in horizontal Chinese. It belongs to a language branch of Wikipedia in the Wikimedia project. Chinese Wikipedia was established on October 24, 2002 and is maintained and operated by the non-profit organization Wikimedia Foundation. As of October 23, 2021, Chinese Wikipedia has 1,237,022 entries, 3,146,552 users, and 65 administrators. Since 2015, Chinese Wikipedia has been blocked by the Great Firewall of China.


The source of the Chinese name

"Wikipedia" in English is a hybrid term formed by the combination of "wiki" (a network technology for collaborative writing by multiple people) and "encyclopedia" (encyclopedia). At the beginning of the website, the name was only "Chinese Wikipedia". Until October 21, 2003, the Chinese name of "Wikipedia" was determined to be "Wikipedia" after discussion and voting by 13 people. Except for the transliteration of the word "Wikipedia", which is similar to "wiki", the word "维" means The big rope of the thing is also interpreted as the "net", which is extended to the Internet; the "base" is the foundation of things, or the bottom of the building, and "Wikipedia" can be extended to the Internet that contains the basic knowledge of all mankind. Whole book. The subtitle of Chinese Wikipedia is "Inclusive of rivers, tolerance is great". This is the upper couplet of the couplet created by the Chinese Qing Dynasty politician Lin Zexu for Yuehua Academy in Guangzhou in 1839, while the lower couplet is "The wall stands thousands of people, the unwilling is strong". The expression "Guanzi·Situation Solution" means that the ocean is vast because it can accommodate hundreds of rivers regardless of you or me; "Tolerance is great" means "Shangshu·Junchen" ". The two words of encouragement to treat people and things should imitate the ocean and accept different personnel and features with a broad mind and tolerance, which also fits the purpose of Wikipedia's freedom and openness.

Adhering to the characteristics of Wikipedia

Chinese Wikipedia, just like Wikipedia itself, has three attractive features that distinguish Chinese Wikipedia from traditional Chinese encyclopedias: Chinese Wikipedia positions itself as an encyclopedia containing all the fields of human knowledge, rather than a dictionary, dictionary, forum or any other website. The project itself is a wiki, allowing wide public participation. Chinese Wikipedia is the first Chinese collaborative project to use the wiki system to compile encyclopedias. Chinese Wikipedia is an encyclopedia with open content. The content of the open material allows any third party to copy, modify and redistribute any part or all of the material without restriction. The text on Wikipedia is provided under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share the Same 3.0 Agreement. Like other versions of Wikipedia, Chinese Wikipedia is also a mixture of democracy, meritocracy, and privilege. Usually most of the content is discussed and modified by ordinary netizens, usually in a democratic form, while wiki administrators have special , Appropriate reasons to remove some restrictions, such as modifying the homepage, deleting inappropriate entries, or banning users.

Differences from other language versions

Chinese Wikipedia uses Chinese characters. Chinese characters are the common characters of the Han nationality or the Chinese. They are the only official characters or one of the official characters in Mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau. Although Chinese Wikipedia does not stipulate the grammar of modern standard Chinese, it is a common form due to consensus and tacit understanding, and sometimes it is moderately mixed with dialects or classical Chinese. The editors of Chinese Wikipedia come from Chinese users all over the world. According to Wikipedia’s statistics on the source of editors of various language versions in September 2006, editors in Hong Kong accounted for 28.6%, and editors in Taiwan accounted for 25.9%. The United States and the Netherlands accounted for 13.7% and 8.2% respectively. In recent years, the number of Wikipedia editors in mainland China has been increasing rapidly; from October 2011 to September 2012, Taiwan accounted for 36.9%, Hong Kong 26.3%, Mainland China 20.9%, and the United States, Canada and Australia. They accounted for 5.6%, 1.7% and 1.6% respectively. Chinese Wikipedia is participated by Chinese users from all over the world, with different backgrounds, different political stances, social concepts, and countries. The content of its articles is the result of coordination and compromise between Chinese users around the world. The Chinese version of Wikipedia has become a battlefield for editors from mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

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