dynamic webpages


October 23, 2021

Dynamic webpage is a collective term for all dynamically generated and dynamically updated webpages. Contrary to traditional static web pages, it will generate different web pages due to changes in variables. This may be a web page generated on the server side, a web page generated on the user side, or a mixture of the two. Server-side dynamic webpages refer to webpages generated by the server through the application server processing server-side scripts. The parameters passed by the server to the script determine how each web page is generated, sometimes including how to generate more user-side scripts. Common implementation methods include PHP, Active Server Pages (Asp), and Common Gateway Interface (CGI). After the server-side script is executed, the generated web page is a standard HTML page, and all server-side scripts will not be passed to the client. The dynamic webpage on the user side is processed when the browser loads the webpage. JavaScript and other scripting languages ​​determine how the received HTML is embedded in the Document Object Model (DOM). These scripting languages ​​can also dynamically update or change the original document object model.


AJAX is a way for the client to exchange data with the server. Unlike forms, AJAX can only send and retrieve necessary data to the server, and change the DOM to update the web page. This update will leave a historical record, but will not create a backup. Through AJAX technology, users get a dynamic web page that is processed as a single web page in the browser. The actual content may come from different places, because AJAX only requests part of the DOM that it needs from the server.

Dynamic HTML

Dynamic HTML is an umbrella term that refers to all pages that are not static HTML, but are limited to the client's self-response without the need for additional operations by the server. It generally creates interactive content through Javascript and CSS.

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