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October 23, 2021

Terminology, also known as technical term, scientific terminology, scientific terminology or technical terminology, is a term referring to a general concept in a specific professional field. A term represents a concept. The subject of studying terminology is terminology. Due to cultural differences, translations between different languages ​​often cause semantic changes. Therefore, the international terminology processing and coordination organization is an international terminology information center under the International Organization for Standardization.

Simple classification

Simple term: a term with only one root. Such as sound, light, electricity, grapes. Compound term: A term composed of two or more roots. Such as sound waves, light beams, voltage, raisins, voltmeter. Borrowed terms: terms taken from another language or another professional field. New term: a new term created for a concept.

Selection and composition requirements

Single-list semantics: Before creating a new term, check whether there are synonyms, and choose a term that can better meet other requirements for the term among several existing synonyms. As the name implies: also known as transparency. The terminology should be able to express the essence of the definition accurately and concisely. Conciseness: Information exchange requires terminology to be as concise as possible to improve efficiency. Derivative: also known as productive. The terminology should be convenient for word formation, especially the basic terminology used in combination into phrases. The shorter the basic terminology, the stronger the word formation ability. Stability: The term has been used frequently and in a wide range. There is no important reason. Even if there are unsatisfactory points, it should not be changed easily. In line with language habits: The terminology should be suitable for language habits, use words to choose words, so as not to cause ambiguity, and not to have emotional connotations such as praise and criticism.


Standard: National Standard of the People's Republic of China GB/T10112-959 Terminology work-Principles and methods

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