October 23, 2021

Wikipedia (English: Wikipedia, /ˌwɪkɪˈpiːdiə/ or /ˌwɪkiˈpiːdiə/) is a multilingual online encyclopedia operated by the Wikimedia Foundation. It is created and maintained as an open collaborative project, featuring free content, free editing, Free copyright. It is currently the largest and most popular reference book on the global network, and it ranks among the world's 20 most popular websites, and its ranking in search engines is relatively high. Wikipedia is currently operated by the non-profit organization Wikimedia Foundation. Wikipedia is a hybrid word, which is derived from the core technology of the website "Wiki" and "encyclopedia" which means encyclopedia in English. As of early 2021, the number of Wikipedia entries in all languages ​​reached 55 million.


Wikipedia was first launched on the Internet on January 13, 2001 under the cooperation of Jimmy Wells and Larry Sanger, and officially launched the online encyclopedia project on January 15. painting. Among them, Sanger combined the "Wiki" at the core of the Wikipedia website cooperation and the "encyclopedia" meaning "encyclopedia" to create a new hybrid term "Wikipedia". At the beginning of its establishment, Wikipedia's goal was to provide a free encyclopedia to all mankind, and hoped that people everywhere could participate in editing entries in the language of their choice. Most other written encyclopedias are edited by experts and then printed and sold by publishers. Wikipedia, as it claims, is a global body of knowledge that can be freely accessed and edited. This also means that in addition to the information included in traditional encyclopedias, Wikipedia can also include non-academic dynamics that still have a certain degree of media attention. event. In 2006, "You", the "Time" magazine, selected people of the year in the era, and it mentioned that millions of people around the world have promoted the rapid growth of Wikipedia online in a collaborative manner. Other important websites mentioned in the same year include YouTube, MySpace and Facebook. Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia project that emphasizes copyleft free content, collaborative editing, and multi-language versions. Using the Internet and Wiki technology as the medium, it has developed into a worldwide encyclopedia collaboration project. The non-profit organization Wikimedia Foundation is responsible for related development matters of the project. Wikipedia is compiled by volunteers from all over the world. As of 2020, the entire Wikipedia has collected more than 55 million entries, of which English Wikipedia ranks first with more than 6 million entries. Wikipedia allows users who visit the website to freely read and modify the content of most pages. The total number of edits of the entire website has exceeded 1 billion times. The entire Wikipedia has more than 300 independently operated language versions, and it has been generally regarded as a scale. The largest and most popular online encyclopedia. According to the well-known Alexa Internet’s network traffic statistics, there are a total of nearly 365 million people in the world using Wikipedia, and Wikipedia is also the 13th most visited website in the world, and it is also the world’s largest website without commercial advertisements. . According to estimates, nearly 270 million Americans visit Wikipedia every month. Because Wikipedia can sort out information related to recent events very quickly, and anyone can sort out the content of the data in depth, many people have gradually regarded Wikipedia as a news source. At the same time, in order to make it easier for ordinary students or browsing people to understand the content of the items, most of the items in Wikipedia use simple words to explain complex concepts as much as possible. With the popularity of Wikipedia, sister projects such as Wikinews and Wikibooks have also emerged. Although Wikipedia firmly supports the two requirements for verification of neutral views in its official policy, Wikipedia has been criticized by many people in the society for its feature that anyone can participate in editing. Among them, the quality of the entries and the accuracy of the information The degree of objectivity, the objectivity of the presentation attitude, and the inability to provide consistent and accurate content are more. Some people claim that the problem lies in the Wiki technology used by Wikipedia. They believe that anyone can edit the content of Wikipedia. This practice is itself the biggest and unchangeable problem of Wikipedia. Under such circumstances, saboteurs can easily cause disputes. Add false content, delete

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