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October 23, 2021

A web page (English: web page) is a file suitable for the World Wide Web and web browsers. It is stored in a certain computer or a group of computers in a corner of the world, and this computer must be connected to the Internet. The web page is identified and accessed through the web address (URL). After we enter the web address in the web browser, after a complicated and fast process, the web page file will be transmitted to the user’s computer, and then the web page will be interpreted through the browser. Content, and then show it to users. It is a "page" on the Internet, usually in HTML format, but nowadays there are more and more various web page formats and standards appearing. Web pages usually use image files to provide pictures. The web page must be read through a web browser.


Web pages usually have the following elements: Text information Image file Applet (a subroutine executed on the page) Hyperlink Client script The composite of cascading style sheet pages is called a website, and the starting point of a website is called the homepage.

Create a webpage

Only an ordinary text editor or a special HTML editor is required to create a web page. To publish to the World Wide Web, an FTP program is required to upload the page to the web server. Special tool software can also be used.

Save webpage

When you want to save a web page on your computer, the web browser usually provides the following options: Save only the text part of the page Complete package, that is, the image, Applet, JavaScript and other files used by the web page (HTML) are also packaged and stored Only HTML, no changes; if the link in the web page is a relative link, the image may disappear Only HTML, but the document linked to in the web page is changed to absolute definition. Some web browsers allow preview before printing the web page, and can choose whether to print the background color or not, or even zoom in or zoom out.

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