October 23, 2021

Hyperlink (English: Hyperlink) refers to a link from one document to another within hypertext. The function is similar to the reference or annotation in the paper, so that readers can refer to the definition of a vocabulary at any time. Hyperlinks are a bit like a list of reference materials in literary works. It can be combined with computer networks and appropriate access protocols to track the original source of the data, and be stored, viewed, or displayed as part of the associated document. Among the hyperlinks, the most common form is the URL used on the Global Information Network. Browsers usually display hyperlinks in some special ways. Such as different text colors, sizes or styles. Moreover, when the cursor is moved to the hyperlink, it will also turn into a hand to indicate it. Hyperlinks are displayed in blue with an underline in most browsers. When the link has been cached, it turns to purple. When the user triggers a hyperlink (for example, press the hyperlink with the left mouse button), the browser will display the target of the link. If the target is not an HTML file, an external program will be launched to open the file according to its file format and the browser's own plug-in.


Broken link

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