October 23, 2021

Multinational corporations and multinational corporations (English: Multinational Corporation, MNC), often referred to as multinational corporations (English: Multinational Enterprise, MNE), are large-scale limited companies operating in many countries in the world. They have offices, factories or branches in different countries or regions, and usually have a headquarters to coordinate global management. It is also called transnational corporation (TNC), international corporation (international corporation), and "world corporation". Multinational companies usually use contractors to manufacture special products, and outsourcing business methods are often used. The budgets of large multinational companies even exceed the government budgets of many countries. They have great diplomatic influence on global politics, not only because they directly affect the economy of many political constituencies, but also because they provide a source of funds for public relations and political lobbying. Within a country, regions and countries will compete with each other to get multinational companies to come to their locations (and the subsequent taxation, job opportunities, and economic improvement). National and regional governments usually provide preferential conditions to attract multinational companies, such as fiscal and tax incentives, promises to give government assistance or lower environmental standards. For this reason, although similar international investments are somewhat socially conscious, they can obtain huge benefits in a short period of time and move around, which often gives the world a question "whether to gradually deprive countries of their economic and social power, or even take control of the world step by step." Worries and criticisms. When commenting on fascism, the 33rd U.S. Vice President Henry Agaard Wallace said that compared with the governments of sovereign nations, it is the multinational corporations that really control the global power, and that the multinational corporations of the United States dominate: The connotation of fascism is defined as a kind of "taking the maximization of money and power as the ultimate goal, and not hesitating to use various means to achieve it." Then there are thousands of fascists in the United States. (If we define an American fascist as one who in case of conflict puts money and power ahead of human beings, then there are undoubtedly several million fascists in the United States.)" On January 22, 2016, the Workers’ International Committee Taiwan stated that the US-led Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership The agreement (TPP) will allow multinational companies to deprive the country of sovereignty. The earliest multinational companies in the world were the British East India Company established in 1600 and the Dutch East India Company established in 1602.

In reality

Construction machinery industry

Caterpillar Komatsu Mfg. Co., Ltd. Hitachi Liebherr AG Zoomlion, China Sany Heavy Industry, Mainland China Doosan Group

Pharmaceutical industry

Pfizer Novartis AG Roche Sanofi GlaxoSmithKline Johnson & Johnson

Medical equipment industry

Johnson & Johnson General Electric Medtronic Siemens Philips Netherlands Novartis

Electronic foundry industry

Hon Hai Taiwan Pegatron

TV industry

Chinese Xiaomi South Korea Samsung South Korea LG China TCL Sony China Hisense China Skyworth Hon Hai Sharp

LCD panel industry

South Korea LG South Korea Samsung BOE, China Taiwan Innolux AUO

Personal Computer Industry

Chinese Xiaomi HP American Dell Acer Taiwan Asus Taiwan Quanta American Apple Toshiba Fujitsu

Tablet PC Industry

Chinese Xiaomi American Apple South Korea Samsung China Lenovo China Huawei Asus Taiwan

Mobile phone industry

Chinese Xiaomi South Korea Samsung American Apple China Huawei China OPPO South Korea LG HTC Taiwan

Automotive industry

Toyota Volkswagen American General Nissan Hyundai American Ford Chrysler Honda Citroen Suzuki Swedish Volvo

Truck industry

Daimler China Dongfeng Volkswagen Volvo, Sweden Indian Tata

Locomotive Industry

Honda Yamaha Suzuki Taiwan Gwangyang Sanyang

Small aircraft industry

Bombardier Aerospace Canada Embraer Italy & France ATR

Medium and large aircraft industry

Boeing U.S. Gulf Stream French Airbus

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