Top-level domain


October 23, 2021

Top-level domain, top-level domain, or top-level domain (English: Top-level Domain, TLD) is the highest-level domain name in the root domain space in the hierarchy of the Internet domain name system. For example, com is the top-level domain of the URL


Public top-level domain

The top-level domains that can be registered by any identity can be divided into multiple uses, including gTLDs, geographic top-level domains, test top-level domains, temporary top-level domains, and infrastructure top-level domains.

Semi-public top-level domain

Top-level domains that can only be registered by specific identities have limited uses, such as .bank and .finance, which can only be registered by related industries.

Undisclosed top-level domain

Top-level domains reserved and not open for registration, used for organizations or brands, such as .canon, .google, and .new.


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