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October 23, 2021

Hao123 Web Site Home is a navigation website currently operated under the umbrella of Baidu. This website categorizes the more commonly used websites in Mainland China and includes the Baidu search engine for easy browsing and retrieval. At present, the website has been launched in English, Arabic (Egypt), Portuguese (Brazil), Thai (Thailand) and other versions. The website was accused of using illegal means such as "homepage kidnapping" to enter the computer, and to monitor or control illegal activities without the user's knowledge.


Hao123 is a website founded in May 1999 by Li Xingping, a native of Xingning County, Guangdong Province. In 1999, Li Xingping worked as an Internet cafe administrator in a local Internet cafe. During his work, he found that many netizens had a low level of online knowledge and it was difficult to access some common sites and query information. To help netizens solve their difficulties, he divided the mainstream websites and online services in mainland China into categories, arranged and combined them according to their purpose, and built navigation The website was originally named "Web Site Daquan", and later officially named "hao123 Web Site Home". Because the hao123 page is concise and includes the URLs of mainstream websites, it meets the needs of a large number of Chinese netizens to quickly access the Internet. The website has rapidly developed into a well-known Chinese navigation website, and its interface design has also been imitated by a large number of navigation websites. On August 31, 2004, it was acquired by Baidu with a capital of 50 million yuan and became a website of Baidu. Since then, there are links to hao123 on the Baidu homepage and "Baidu Product Collection (page archive backup, stored in the Internet Archive)". Since September 2011, Thai and other foreign language versions have been launched. However, because Baidu anti-virus software will force hao123 to be the IE homepage, it has been boycotted by Thai netizens.


Hao123 designed "hao123 desktop version" and "Baidu browser hao123 special edition" for Windows, and designed mobile client applications for iPhone and Android to help computer and mobile users to quickly access common websites through hao123.

Illegal Act

Hao123 uses the illegal "homepage kidnapping" method to force the homepage to be set to hao123, open windows indiscriminately, use the background to monitor the user's network activities without permission or the user's knowledge, and steal personal privacy without the user's consent. Or there is no means of removal at all. Keywords such as "hao123 kidnapping" are always listed on the search rankings. This service is listed as a blacklist or treated as a backdoor attack by major Internet forums, and is also listed as a virus by most third-party anti-virus software.


External links

hao123 Chinese homepage (page archive backup, stored in the Internet Archive) (Simplified Chinese) hao123 Arabic homepage (page archive backup, stored in the Internet Archive) (Arabic) hao123 Portuguese homepage (page archive backup, stored in the Internet Archive) (Portuguese) hao123 Thai homepage (page archive backup, stored in the Internet Archive) (Thai)

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