October 23, 2021

Webmail (English: webmail) is a service on the Internet that mainly uses a web browser to read or send e-mails, as opposed to e-mail services that use e-mail client software such as Microsoft Outlook.com and Mozilla Thunderbird. Many companies on the Internet, such as Google, Yahoo, China's Sina and NetEase, provide webmail services. In addition, personal Internet service providers may also provide webmail, so that their users can directly use their mail services without going through the Internet terminals they generally use.


The world's first webmail service was Hotmail founded by Jack Smith and India's Sabeer Bhatia. Later, Microsoft bought Hotmail and integrated it with the Outlook.com service. Most of the portals and ISPs that provide e-mail mailboxes also provide webmail for users to use. Some open source programs allow users to create their own webmail.


Most webmail has the following characteristics: folder Different emails are divided into different folders trash can Many webmail services in the address book also have the following features: Spam check POP3 receives other e-mails Check the computer virus in the attachment Dictionary (dictionary) function Spelling error check

Advantages and disadvantages


Users can read and send emails wherever they are connected to the Internet and have a web browser, without having to use specific client software Mail does not have to be downloaded Many companies provide anonymous services


If the user is not connected to the Internet, webmail cannot be used, even if it is reading the previous mail, it cannot be performed Generally, webmail has limited storage capacity Users may have to accept web advertisements in the interface If the network speed is slow, webmail is difficult to use Generally, emails are relatively short, but because webmail needs to add HTML instructions and structure on the basis of the original emails, the volume of the emails becomes larger.

Other features

Anonymity Webmail has a certain degree of anonymity. Generally speaking, national security agencies can easily determine who is using webmail services, but it is generally difficult for private individuals to determine who is using webmail.

Examples of Webmail server software

OpenWebmail Mail2000


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