Wikipedia: Format manual/Avoid self-mentioned


October 23, 2021

The purpose of this manual is to standardize self-referential behavior in entries. And specify which types of self-mentioned should be avoided and which are acceptable.

Avoid mentioning "Wikipedia"

Wikipedia entries should avoid mentioning self (Wikipedia project), for example: This Wikipedia entry discusses... Free content items, such as this website... Although Wikipedia is not a dictionary... (in an entry about a particular term) such self-mentioned self-mentioned is perfectly acceptable on a conversation page or in the Wikipedia namespace, but they are not suitable for an entry. There are two important reasons for this: These self-references can distract readers from the entries and cause interference in the encyclopedia. Self-referencing limits the use of Wikipedia as an open source encyclopedia suitable for the development of diverse works (our copyright permits this). Simply put, this policy is about reminding us that Wikipedia’s goal is to create an encyclopedia, not just to make it last forever, and to create items that can be used in fields other than the project that created it.

Printed version

Wikipedia has a printed version, so please use "this article" instead of "this site", and avoid using website terms like "click here".

Mention of community and website functions

Mention of Wikicommunities or Wikipedia's website features can confuse readers of derivative works. Please pay special attention to avoid mentioning that the page can be modified, avoid mentioning any Wikipedia project page or process, avoid using specific Wikipedia terminology, and avoid mentioning any links beside or at the top of the screen (such as discussion pages, links) Page or history page). Please remember that the entries are part of the encyclopedia, not part of the Wikipedia project used to generate them. Sometimes there are exceptions, especially when an entry is still in the preliminary creation stage or is controversial. Markers such as {{stub}} and {{npov}} are often added to help editors further improve the entry. These templates 'S sentence mentions self. Even if it is a template, please try to minimize mentioning yourself.

Unspecified mentions are acceptable

No mention of a specific encyclopedia (Wikipedia) or reading media (online) is acceptable. For example, the entry reads: "In order to protect privacy, this article will not mention the name of the victim." Such a mention will not even appear in a mirror site, branch work, printed material, or Wikipedia copy that only includes the entry cause problems. A more common example is the disambiguation message "This item is about A. If you want to search for B, please check C." and all "see" or "related items" links.

Writing about things related to Wikipedia itself

Of course you can write something about Wikipedia itself in Wikipedia, but context is important. If you read about Shakespeare’s works, you will not be interested in reading about Wikipedia’s policies or conventions. If you read about online communities, the entry may be discussed in a neutral tone using Wikipedia as an example, but it does not specifically imply that the entry itself is seen on Wikipedia or is part of Wikipedia. Within this framework, if you link from an article to another Wikipedia page outside the main namespace, please use external links to allow those links to remain valid on a website that replicates the content of the main namespace. Here are some examples where such links can be useful: Wikipedia has important entries for the protagonist of the entry, such as the biographical event of Seigenthaler. Entries involving celebrities on Wikipedia, such as Jimmy Wales. Entries on Wikipedia Wikipedia can be used to describe items on the subject of items, such as virtual communities, encyclopedias.

The entry is about its subject

Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, so our entries are about their topics, not about the entries themselves. Even if the relative popularity of an item is large enough to be included in Wikipedia, only those materials related to the topic of the item can be included in the item. For example, the discussion about Stephen Kobel's call for the chaotic change of the "Xiang" entry may be included in the entry on "Colbert Report" or "Wikipedia", but it is not suitable to be included in the entry on the "Xiang" because �

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